Austrian Audio MiCreator

MiCreator Studio

The Austrian Audio MiCreator Studio isn’t your typical desktop microphone. Featuring intuitive user controls, direct headphone monitoring and input for an additional mic- like the optional MiCreator Satellite – or instrument, the MiCreator Studio combines top notch audio of a condenser mic with the versatility of a simple audio interface with USB-C® connectivity.

Perfect for capture your musical ideas, a mic for live streams, or voiceover work, or online video conferencing? The MiCreator is ready to go out of the box.

With a durable all-metal enclosure and changeable face plates, you can create from anywhere with both confidence in your setup and a little personal flair.

SRP: 3 699 SEK  3 699 NOK 2 399 DKK
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MiCreator Satellite

Designed for seamless pairing with MiCreator Studio, the MiCreator Satellite microphone unlocks powerful creative flexibility. Link Satellite and MiCreator Studio via the in/out ports to track two sound sources. Achieve true stereo recordings and capture the energy of the moment. MiCreator Satellite even works as a standalone mic and offers an extra headphone jack – ideal for interview situations. Start recording how you want, when you want with MiCreator Satellite.

SRP:  1 199 SEK  1 199 NOK  799 DKK
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MiCreator Y-Lav

Turn your MiCreator Studio into a mobile content creation powerhouse with MiCreator Y-Lav. Record two interview partners simultaneously by tethering Y-Lav to your MiCreator Studio. And hear your audio in realtime via the additional headphone jack on the MiCreator Y-Lav. No matter what you create, make sure it sounds as good as it looks with Y-Lav.

SRP:  599 SEK  599 NOK  399 DKK
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MiCreator System

The ultimate recording toolkit for music and content creation.

This bundle boxed package includes:

– MiC Studio Microphone
– MiC Satellite Microphone
– MCC1 instrument cable
– USB-C cable (power & data)
– MCC2 Link Cable,
– 2 Plates for each mic
– MCMB MiniBar
– MCSC Case

SRP:  3 699 SEK  3 699 NOK  2 399 DKK
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