Sontronics DRUMPACK – Paket av prisbelönade trummikrofoner

Sontronics DRUMPACK – Paket av prisbelönade trummikrofoner

Sontronics DRUMPACK och DRUMPACK+ är paket med Sontronics prisbelönade DM-mikrofoner. DRUMPACK levereras med en DM-1B stormembran kondensatormikrofon för bastrumma, en DM-1S kondensatormikrofon för virveltrumma och tre DM-1T kondensatormikrofoner för pukor. DRUMPACK+ levereras med samma mikrofoner men även två STC-10 kondensatormikrofoner för överhäng eller upptagning av rumsakustik. Båda kiten levereras med mikrofonhållare och robust, vattentät ABS flightcase. Sontronics ger livstidsgaranti vid registrering på deras hemsida.

DM-serien designades och utvecklades under tre år av Sontronics grundare Trevor Coley tillsammans med några framstående brittiska producenter och trummisar. Varje mikrofon är skräddarsydd för att fånga det perfekta ljudet från varje enskild trumma och mikrofonerna har fått grymma recensioner, utmärkelser och har använts på turné och i studio av några av världens mest kända trummisar som Dave Grohl, Joey Kramer (Aerosmiths), Dom Howard (Muse) och Dave Rowntree (Blur).

Trummikrofonpaket bestoende av en DM-1B, en DM-1S, tre DM-1T, fyra mikrofonhållare och ABS flightcase.
Listpris: 7 595 SEK 5 316 DKK*
Art nr: ST-DP

Trummikrofonpaket bestoende av en DM-1B, en DM-1S, tre DM-1T, två STC-10, sex mikrofonhållare och ABS flightcase.
Listpris: 9 395 SEK 6 575 DKK*
Art nr: ST-DP-PLUS

*Priserna är inklusive moms. Kolla alltid vår produktdatabas för uppdaterade priser.


The new Sontronics DrumPack and DrumPack Plus pull together our award-winning DM-series drum microphones into two all-in-one, premium-quality miking options that no drummer or studio should be without.

The five- and seven-piece condenser microphone sets will give absolutely stunning results across your whole drumkit, plus they save you more than 30% on buying the mics individually!

The five-piece DrumPack comprises a DM-1B for kick drum, a DM-1S for snare and three DM-1T mics for tom tom packaged together with four mic clips in a rugged, waterproof ABS flightcase.

Meanwhile the seven-piece DrumPack Plus includes a DM-1B, a DM-1S and three DM-1T as above plus a pair of STC-10 pencil condensers for use as overheads or for solo percussion miking.

”We were A/B testing the Sontronics drum mics set up against some thousand-pound mics and we had to keep checking the tracks because the Sontronics mics sounded as good if not better than the expensive ones. We were totally blown away!”
MARK RANKIN, Producer (Florence & The Machine, Adele, Plan B, Queens of the Stone Age)

Sontronics’ DM-series microphones were designed and developed over three years by founder Trevor Coley alongside top UK producers and drummers. Each microphone has been specifically tailored to capture the perfect sound from each of your drums and the mics have received rave reviews, awards and have appeared on the touring kits and studio set-ups of major drummers including Dave Grohl, Aerosmith’s Joey Kramer, Muse’s Dom Howard and Blur’s Dave Rowntree.

Sontronics DM-1B: The DM-1B large-diaphragm, end-fire cardioid condenser microphone is superb at capturing the entire dynamic range of your kick drum, thanks to its high sensitivity, extremely low self-noise, -15dB attenuation pad and ability to handle up to 155dB SPL. The DM-1B delivers outstanding results on kick drum but also sounds fantastic on bass guitar cabinets, low brass and woodwind, tenor and baritone sax and even male vocals.

Sontronics DM-1S & DM-1T: The DM-1S for snare and DM-1T for tom tom are small-diaphragm cardioid condenser mics each with a -10dB pad and SPL handling of up to 135dB. They have been designed with subtle variations in their response to suit the exact sound of your snare and tom, catching every element of your sound from the crack of the first hit to the rattle and snap of the snare and the boom and resonance of your tom tom. Together with the DM-1B, they combine to deliver exceptional results on your drumkit, whether recording in the studio or performing in a live environment.

Sontronics STC-10: The STC-10 cardioid condenser microphones (two of which are included in the DrumPack Plus set) boast two-stage pad and filter controls and an extremely precise response with Sontronics’ signature smooth high-frequency roll-off. As a pair they are amazing as drumkit overheads, but they also sound stunning whether used individually for solo percussion, woodwind or stringed instruments, but also together for stereo-miking acoustic guitar, piano and ensemble.

”The DM-1B sounds better than my vintage Neumann U47fet, which is saying something, and the DM-1S is one of the best close mics I have ever used. Amazing!”
ANDY GRAY, Producer/Composer (Gary Numan, Radiohead, Enter Shikari, TT3D, CSI Miami)

The microphones are supplied in a rugged ABS flightcase, making them ideal for life on the road or from moving from studio to stage and back again, and are supplied with mic clips for each of the DM-1T, DM-1S and STC-10 microphones.