ROLI Beatmaker Kit – Unleash your beats!

ROLI Beatmaker Kit – Unleash your beats!

Beatmaker Kit ger dig allt du behöver för att ta dina Beats till nästa nivå, oavsett om det gäller din första låt eller om du finslipar din teknik. Lär dig att spela trummor med fingrarna, välj mellan hundratals ljud och slutför din låt med en rad mjukvara. Det är ett allt-i-ett-paket för att göra Beats, vart än du befinner dig.

Paketet består av:
– Lightpad Block M
– Loop Block
– Melodics prenumeration (6 månader)
– 10 st NOISE Soundpacks
– Ableton Live Lite
– Equator Player
– Strobe2 Player
– Cypher2 Player
– ROLI Dashboard
– USB-C till USB-A kabel
– Snabbstartsguide

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Art nr: RL-BLK-BMK
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Unleash your beats

Beatmaker Kit gives you everything you need to take your beats to the next level, whether you’re making your first track or honing your technique. Learn finger drumming skills, play with hundreds of expressive sounds, and complete your track with a suite of software. It’s an all-in-one package for making beats, wherever your musical ideas strike.

Take your track from start to finish

– Learn to finger drum with a 6-month Melodics subscription
– Play on a touch-responsive Lightpad Block surface
– Produce tracks faster with the Loop Block
– Travel anywhere with a wireless and portable setup
– Explore hundreds of expressive sounds
– Complete your tracks with a high-powered software suite, including Ableton Live Lite
– Change the LED Lightpad surface for different notes and scales
– Customize your modular system

Learn to play beats

Finger drumming is fun with Melodics, the desktop app for learning beat-making technique. Begin with the basics or challenge yourself to play complex patterns. Melodics now features a plug-and-play integration with the Lightpad Block and Loop Block. Explore hundreds of lessons with a six month subscription that comes with your kit.

Play drums and melodies

The 5D Touch surface of the Lightpad Block will transform your beats. Drum on a tactile, touch-responsive surface. Add unparalleled expression to melodic parts by pressing into the surface and gliding or sliding around it.

– Strike to sound a note
– Glide your fingers from side to side to bend the pitch, like on a string instrument
– Slide up and down to modulate a sound, for example to add brightness or texture
– Press to deepen sounds, like a saxophone player does through breath
– Lift to change a sound’s resonance

Produce your tracks

Edit and complete your track with powerful production software. Beatmaker Kit comes with a custom version of Ableton Live Lite, and it’s also compatible with a huge range of other digital audio workstations (DAWs) including GarageBand.
The Loop Block gives your shortcuts to useful production techniques, so you can build your tracks even faster. Record loops, play them back, set your tempo and more.

Go anywhere with your music

Beatmaker Kit travels with you wherever you want to make music. Wireless, lightweight and with a surface the size of a postcard, it empowers you to create tracks anywhere.
Connect your Beatmaker Kit to the NOISE iOS app for a completely mobile music experience. Even when you connect to desktop software, you can still fit your Kit in a backpack with a laptop computer.


– Lightpad M
– Loop Block
– Melodics Subscription (6 months)
– 10 NOISE Soundpacks
– Ableton Live Lite
– Equator Player
– Strobe2 Player
– Cypher2 Player
– ROLI Dashboard
– USB-C to USB-A Cable
– Quick Start Guide