Austrian Audio – Ny agentur hos Fitzpatrick i Danmark, Norge och Sverige

Austrian Audio – Ny agentur hos Fitzpatrick i Danmark, Norge och Sverige

Vi är stolta och glada över att få presentera Austrian Audio som ny agentur hos Fitzpatrick i Danmark, Norge och Sverige. Austrian Audio grundades för att behålla traditionen och arvet av ”Made in Vienna”: Handbyggda mikrofoner och hörlurar samt teknologier och ingenjörskunskap i världsklass från musikens huvudstad. Deras mål är att leverera överlägsna musik- och ljudverktyg till den moderna teknikern, artisten, producenten och musikälskaren. Austrian Audio har också ett djupt engagemang att leverera så miljövänliga produkter som möjligt och dessutom är produkterna och designen Open Source.

Åtta världsnyheter, över fem kategorier, kommer presenteras på Musikmesse i Frankfurt: Mikrofoner, digitalt kontrollsystem, mjukvara, hörlurar och industriella höghastighets test-/mätutrustningar för tillverkarens monteringslinjer och QC.

Austrian Audio kommer att ha ett Press Event 3:e april kl. 15.30 vilket vi rekommenderar alla som är på plats att besöka och ni finner dem i monter C45, hall 8.0.

Austrian Audios press release:

“Made in Vienna. Again!” 8 Products and Brand Launch
March 19, 2019

You might as well hear it from us first. We’re in full-on ”MusikMesse/ProLight+Sound Mode”. This is why we’ve been largely silent over the past few weeks. However, we’re letting you in on Vienna’s best kept secret of the past 2 years.

Austrian Audio brings handmade microphones back to Vienna. Full brand debut plus 8 new products; across 5 categories: handcrafted microphone systems, digital control systems, professional software & processing, headphones and customizable high-speed industrial test and measurement equipment for manufacturers’ assembly lines and QC. All will be on display with live demos during:

Frankfurt’s Musikmesse ProLight + Sound. Hall 8.0, Stand C45. April 2nd-5th.
Full Press Event: April 3rd@ 15:30.

“I couldn’t be prouder of what this heritage team has accomplished in under two years of development and now into full production. This is what happens when you reassemble a team that has decades of experience working together. Austrian Audio will bring back ‘Made in Vienna’ and will provide the tools to ‘Make your passion heard’”, stated Martin Seidl – CEO.
“Austrian Audio will debut its line of handmade large diaphragm condenser microphones. These will feature patent-applied-for technologies and will introduce Open Acoustics Technologies”, he elaborated, “It has been a huge effort but ‘Made in Vienna’ is back and so is this heritage team.”

– Taking center stage for the debut will be a pair of large diaphragm condenser (LDC) microphones that are handmade in Vienna, Austria; the OC818 multipattern & fully-featured (see below) big brother to the OC18 cardioid only microphone. Even the CKR12 (Capsule Keramik Ring) is constructed one-at-a-time by two of the most experienced hands in the business. Both mics feature the same great capsules. Choose according to required features; no compromise in sound!

– The OC818 microphone is the first multi-patterned microphone to proudly feature the world’s first wireless pattern and switching control via an optional transmitter/receiver (OCR8) that can be fitted to the rear of the microphone. This unique tool allows for a previously unheard of 255 discrete polar patterns between figure-of-eight, through all of the cardioid versions and into omnidirectional. The free control software, PolarPilot, will be available for iOS and Android. This all occurs in the analog domain and there is no processing or conversion of the mic’s signal to digital.

– The OC818 also features a 2ndoutput that allows the recordist, engineer, musician and forward-thinking artist to record the rear facing capsule independently of the forward-facing capsule. If both capsules are recorded to a stereo or dual-mono track, our free and Open Source PolarDesigner plug-in (Mac/Win: VST, AU & AAX) will allow for unprecedented control and tailoring of polar patterns between 1 and 5 bands with selectable crossover points.

– Each microphone will be available in a variety of packs to fit different needs; singles and pairs, accessories or not.

Aurora is our customizable & high-speed industrial test & measurement system with unparalleled flexibility and detail in reporting, analysis and yield adjustment. Live demonstrations, with the senior engineer who coded the software, will be available all day at stand C45. Reserve a time slot by calling the number below or just come on by.

– Our new OC818 and OC18 microphones and additional technologies will be available for demonstration with a preview of our custom headphones: Hi-X50 and Hi-X55.

Attending the show will be personnel from: Sales, Engineering, Management, and Product Management. Book your reservations with our team today. See below for details.

For additional information, press contacts, setting up product reviews, product walk-throughs at the show, or to be put in touch with our Sales team; please contact:

Kent Iverson
Head of PR & Marketing
T: Contact number at MusikMesse PL+S: +43.1.934.682.6300

Map to Finding us in Hall 8.0, Stand C45. Just look for our logo!

About Austrian Audio:
Austrian Audio GmbH was founded in order to keep the tradition and heritage of ‘Made in Vienna’ microphones, headphones, technologies and world-class engineering knowhow alive and well in the world capital of music. We pride ourselves on delivering superior musical and audio tools for the modern engineer, artist, producer and music lover. We also have a dedication to as much eco-friendly and open source product and design as we can sustainably deliver (see our GitHub repository!)

We know who we are and you know where we come from.

Austrian Audio – Making Passion Heard