Sontronics PODCAST PRO – Professionell mikrofon för podcast, radio, gaming m.m.

Sontronics PODCAST PRO – Professionell mikrofon för podcast, radio, gaming m.m.

PODCAST PRO är en dynamisk supercardioid mikrofon specifikt designad för podcast, broadcast, radio, gaming och voiceover. Mikrofonen har tre lager av internt skydd och inbyggt popfilter för att motverka oönskade puff-, buller och väsljud. Den har standardgänga för att monteras på valfritt mikrofonstativ. Den kräver inte fantommatning och dess XLR-utgång kan, via kabel, kopplas direkt in i ljudkort, mixer, dator, spelkonsol etc. Designad, utvecklad och byggd i Storbritannien. Livstidsgaranti vid registrering.

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Art nr: ST-PCP-BLK

Listpris: 1 295 SEK 910 DKK*
Art nr: ST-PCP-RED

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The Sontronics Podcast Pro is a dynamic microphone designed specifically for podcast, broadcast, radio, gaming and voiceover applications. 

The Podcast Pro has a tightly focused supercardioid pickup pattern, giving excellent clarity and depth on all spoken (and sung!) with superb side rejection. With its three layers of internal protection and integrated fine-mesh pop filter, the Podcast Pro provides superb control of extraneous noise or rumble and helps control unwanted sibilance or plosives. This mic is guaranteed to give broadcast-quality professional results on any sung or spoken voice, whether you’re broadcasting from a professional radio studio or recording podcasts on the go or in a home set-up. 

Easy to set up and position, and compatible with any desktop or floor-standing mic stand, the Podcast Pro’s XLR connection allows it to plug straight into any interface, mixer, computer or gaming console and be ready to go in seconds.

Available in black or red, the British-made Sontronics Podcast Pro is supplied with its angled yoke mount and the microphone is covered, like all Sontronics mics, by Sontronics’ unique Lifetime Warranty.

Whether you’re recording for podcast, radio, voiceover or even capturing instruments, the Podcast Pro will deliver the best results, every time.

• Dynamic supercardioid microphone
• Specifically designed for podcast, broadcast, radio, voiceover and gaming
• Captures superb clarity and depth
• Inner protection reduces noise and sibilance
• Fitted with integrated pop filter
• Great results on sung vocals and instruments too
• Available in black or red
• Covered by Lifetime Warranty

Microphone type: Dynamic
Polar pattern: Supercardioid
Frequency response: 50Hz – 15kHz
Sensitivity: -50dB ±2dB
Impedance: ≤600 Ohms
Connector: Three-pin XLR
Power: Phantom power NOT required
Dimensions: 180 x 82 x 60mm
Weight: 308g