Sessiondesk – Ny agentur hos Fitzpatrick

Sessiondesk – Ny agentur hos Fitzpatrick

Vi är stolta och glada över att presentera Sessiondesk som ny agentur hos Fitzpatrick i Sverige. Sessiondesk är ett varumärke som skapades 2013 av von Brönner GmbH från Frankfurt am Main, Tyskland. Sessiondesk tillverkar fantastiskt snygga, designade studiomöbler och studiomonitorstativ för både proffs- som hemstudion.

Sessiondesk tillverkar två lines – Modular System och Basic Series.

Modular System var startskottet för Sessiondesk och är moduluppbyggda studiomöbler av noggrant utvalda material – trä av hög kvalitet i grunden, högtryckslaminat som ger en repfri yta och äkta läder för armstöden. Modular System är skapade för att arbeta med ljud och därför är de designade att fungera liknande en akustisk diffusor. Modular System kan öven expanderas efter hand.

Basic Series är en billigare serie men den tummar inte på kvalitet. Tillverkade av Poliplex vars felfria yta är mycket hållbart och ger en vacker kontrast med de synliga träinslagen på kanterna och borrhålen. Alla möbler i Basic Series har plats för 18 rackenheter, hylla för studiomonitorer och yta för att gömma kablarna. På Oktav och Gustav kan man dessutom justera mittdelen i höjd så att monitorn alltid är i perfekt ergonomisk position.


Sessiondesk© is a brand of von Brönner GmbH, located in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. We started off in 2013 with our modular studio furniture to provide a flexible solution for recording, mastering, and songwriting. With the experiences of the Modularsystem, the usage of new materials and production efficiency we developed the Basic Series and the Sessiondesk© Alea, to provide even more solutions for your audio production environment.
In 2018 we released the Porto-V. A flexible, highly sophisticated, and massive base for your precious speakers.


- The basic materials we are using are lining wood, originally used for building indestructible flight-cases, high-pressure-laminate, providing a scratch free and clean working surface and part faux, part real leather for a constantly even looking hand support. All materials have been chosen carefully and are supplied by specificly chosen manufacturers.

ACOUSTICALLY OPTIMIZED – The whole architecture of our Sessiondesk is designed for working with audio signals. Everything between your speakers and ears causes reflections and thereby comb-filter effects. Our Sessiondesks components are working similar to acoustic diffusors and can even optimize the audio engineering workspace in your recording and mixing studio. Only working without any Studiodesk would be a better solution.

HIGHEST FLEXIBILITY – Our Sessiondesk is the only complete modular solution to be found in Europe. It grows with your needs and can be easily expanded from a mixing- and mastering- to a recordingdesk. So if you decide for a Solo, you could end up with a Trapez some day. The height can be adjusted comfortably and if you need a drawer for your MIDI-Keys, we have it.

SIMPLY BEAUTIFUL – Creating audio engineering workspaces and is not only a matter of functionality. Interior design, lighting, coziness or a ”form follows function” concept – it all is part of the creative process and the work with customers. Our Sessiondesk will be the unobtrusive eye-catcher, completing your studio and giving your precious recording and mastering gear an adequate frame.

The new Sessiondesk Series brings back the beauty of basic and reduced aesthetics to your studio. With using only high-class lining wood in extraordinary quality, our Basic Series desks complete your production environment, so you can totally concentrate on your work.

ALL IN ONE SOLUTION – All of our Basic Series desks provide 18 units of rack space. You can place your speakers directly on the upper shelves.

BEST MATERIAL – POLIPLEX is a high grade material, provided exclusively by SESSIONDESK. Its flawless surface is highly durable and contrasts beautifully with the visible wooden elements of the edges and drilling holes.

FLEXIBLE SCREEN – Oktav and Gustav’s middle parts can be easily adjusted in height so that the screen always is in perfectly ergonomic position.

INTELLIGENT CABLE DUCTS – Every upper segment provides cable ducts for your convenient cabling. Besides is an adequate ventilation of your outboard gear guaranteed.