Nyhet! Premium-kablar från Warm Audio

Nyhet! Premium-kablar från Warm Audio

Warm Audio presenterar en helt ny kabel-line i samarbete med Europas största kabelproducent Gotham AG.

Warm Audio vill med sin nya kabel-line, Pro & Premium, erbjuda högsta möjliga kvalitet till ett riktigt bra pris och med en konstruktion tillräckligt robust för att erbjuda livstidsgaranti.

Gotham AG är välkänd som den ursprungliga leverantören till några av branschens bästa kabeltillverkare och Gothams 3-ledare har i årtionden helt enkelt blivit känd som ”Neumann-kabeln”.

Premier Vs. Pro

Warm makes two lines of cable – Premier and Professional – in order to offer the largest number of options possible in two different price ranges. Both lines take advantage of Gotham’s state-of-the-art construction, offering absolutely stellar audio performance, near-perfect signal transfer and the ultimate in reliability (which is why they both feature a lifetime warranty!). Both cable lines produce fabulous results, but the Premier line adds above-and-beyond features like gold-plated connectors, four-conductor Starquad construction for powerful rejection of EMI and Double-Reussen shielding for increased rejection of RFI. There simply is no better-sounding or more reliable cable on the planet, and Warm Cables don’t come with a gold-plated price tag – these are wires that everyone can afford! 

What is StarQuad?

A traditional balanced cable uses three cores of wire to carry the audio signals: one shielded core for the positive leg, one shielded core for the negative leg, and an outer wrap that functions as the ground. The idea is that a fully balanced system flips the phase and merges the positive and negative signals together, which effectively cancels out any interference encountered along the cable’s length by throwing it out-of-phase with the audio.

StarQuad construction takes that concept even further, by using five cores instead of three: two cores each for the positive and negative legs and a single ground. This helps to further shield the audio from EMI (electromagnetic interference) even more than a traditional 3-conductor cable. 

What is Double-Reussen Shielding?

Most cable construction techniques use an outer wrap of wire to act as the ground. Some manufacturers braid this wire, while others simply wrap the wires in a highly uniform way to shield the interior wires from interference. 

Double-Reussen shielding goes much further than more traditional techniques in two ways: First, the cable is wrapped with not one but TWO separate shields, and second, the outer shield is wrapped in a contrary direction to the inner shield. This creates a stronger and more complete shield from RFI for the internal cores, and can result in an astounding reduction of interference. Double-Reussen shielding is a tad more expensive to manufacture, but for those who will accept nothing but the best it represents the pinnacle of current balanced cable technology. 

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