Moog Sirin – Limiterad analogsynt i Taurus-familjen

Moog Sirin – Limiterad analogsynt i Taurus-familjen

Moog Sirin är en limiterad analog monofonisk synt baserad på ljudmotorn från legendariska Moog Taurus och formfaktorn av Moog Minitaur. Sirin är den första synten i Taurus-serien av bassyntar som är designad att generera toner upp till D8. Sirin har dubbla VCO med vågformerna sågtand och fyrkant, ett Taurus Ladder-filter, två supersnabba ADSR-envelopes, chassi i borstad rostfritt stål m.m. Precis som Minitaur så har Sirin en kraftfull Editor (gratis för Mac och PC) där man kommer åt betydligt fler funktioner som t.ex. hantera program, automatisera parametrar, sex extra LFO-vågformer, hårdsynk, ladda in 128 presets, få tillgång till full ADSR-envelopes etc.

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Listpris: 7 695 SEK 5 460 DKK*
Art nr: MO-SIRIN
Leverans: TBA

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Sirin is a limited-edition synthesizer module created in celebration of the Moog House of Electronicus Pop-up experience. Based on the legendary Moog Taurus sound engine, and presented in the familiar compact form of the Moog Minitaur–Sirin is the first instrument in Moog’s Taurus family of bass synthesizers designed to generate pitches far above middle C, with an extended frequency range that reaches notes up to D8. Connect Sirin directly to any MIDI-note controller and immediately access a portable world of powerful analog sound, or hook up to a computer via USB to explore even deeper layers of sound design, where every parameter can be manipulated, automated, and recalled using Sirin’s dedicated Editor Librarian Software (free download for PC and Mac).

Secured in a brushed stainless steel enclosure with a retro-inspired color palette, Sirin is an intoxicating conjuror of both quintessential leads and menacing Moog bass. Sirin’s fully-recallable analog sound engine originates with two analog Taurus Bass oscillators that have been re-engineered to soar octaves beyond the traditional boundaries of its mythical ancestors. Sirin’s harmonic transmissions are dynamically shaped and sculpted by a classic Moog Ladder filter operating in consummate harmony with two lightning-fast ADSR envelopes and a multi-wave LFO, offering a wide spectrum of expressive timbral variety and versatility.

Sirin integrates seamlessly with modern computer-based production environments via its dedicated Editor Librarian software (available as a free download for registered Sirin owners)–manage patches, automate parameters, unlock 6 additional LFO waveforms, engage Hard Sync, load up to 128 presets into Sirin, access full ADSR envelopes and more as you explore the vast magical realms of analog synthesis.

A limited production run of 2500 Sirin are being produced by the employee-owners at the Moog Factory in Asheville, NC–after which no more will be available.