Darkglass Hyper Luminal Hybrid Compressor

Darkglass Hyper Luminal Hybrid Compressor

Darkglass har gjort det igen, efter succén med Super Symmetry kommer nu uppföljaren Hyper Luminal Hybrid Compressor. En ny revolutionerande kompressor med beröringskänslig (touch sensitive) teknologi.

I denna pedal har du 3 olika emulerade kompressorer:
– Bus – SSL bus Compressor
– Fet – inspirerad av UA-1176
– Sym – Digital version av Super Symmetry

Pris: 2 890 SEK / 2 670 NOK*
Art nr: DG-HYLU

Finns på lager hos Fitzpatrick inom kort.

*Priserna är inklusive moms. Kolla alltid vår produktdatabas för uppdaterade priser.


We have made it our mission to combine our analog expertise and signature sound with cutting-edge, digital technologies, not to replace, but to enhance the sonic possibilities and intuitiveness of the next generation of Darkglass products. The Hyper Luminal Compressor embodies this like no other pedal in the industry: by digitally modeling the side-chain circuits in some of the most legendary compressors in history, we were able to capture their essence and characteristic behavior while keeping a completely analog signal path.

The pedal ships with 3 selectable models (more to be added): BUS: Modeled after the Solid State Logic® Bus Compressor. FET: Inspired by the legendary 1176®. SYM: Our, now discontinued Super Symmetry, transcends in the digital realm. But that is not all! Instead of using mechanical switches (because let’s face it, switches are boring), to select the compression Ratio and Mode we implemented touch-through-metal sensors. The sensors in the Hyper Luminal Compressor detect when and where the chassis is touched and changes parameters accordingly: this technology not only provides a very new, intimate and pleasant user experience, setting it apart from any other pedal in the market, but it does so while operating with extreme consistency and, unlike mechanical switches, it is virtually unbreakable.

The pedal also features a gorgeous 10-LED gain reduction meter and four knobs: Blend: Mixes the clean and effected signals. Time: Sets the time constants (Attack and Release). Fine tuning and mapping can be done through the Darkglass Suite, so users can assign different constants to each model. Compression: Sets the amount of compression. Level: Sets the overall output volume of the unit. As for I/O the hyper Luminal Compressor features: Input: 1/4″ connector for the instrument. Output: 1/4″ connector for the amplifier or next effect in the chain. 9VDC: Center negative, 250mA, 9VDC only. The Hyper Luminal doubles the operation voltage internally to 18V for extra headroom. USB: A Micro USB B connector allows you to connect the pedal to PC/Mac to load upcoming compressor models, set Time settings and other parameters.